In rooms by department, you will be working individually or with a partner(s) to synthesize and apply your learning from previous PD to enhance/transform a lesson/unit you have brought with you today. This refreshed lesson will include any student directions necessary to access/use selected technology, as well as the URLs to digital resources and tools (that you have completely setup).

Here is a reminder of knowledge, skills & tools covered or used in your previous PD sessions at the FI
TPACK | 4 Cs | Socrative | Remind 101 | Padlet | Thinglink | Voki | GoAnimate | TodaysMeet | Google Basics | Beyond Google | CGHS FinalSite | Digital Resources by Content (there are a TON of resources on this page)

Please feel free to use ANY other digital resources you are familiar with.

Learning Outcomes

After this session, Cardinal Gibbons staff will be able to:
  • Synthesize and apply concepts associated with previous PD @ the FI to your future learning and teaching;
  • Refresh/enhance/transform a current lesson/unit with technology infused instructional activities to support and enhance learning of your students.

I. Guiding Questions |10 minutes

Please evaluate the lesson/unit you brought using the questions below as a guides independently, in dyads or triads. Much of your new work will center on adding the technology aspects.

Standards | What do you want students to know and be able to do? What knowledge, skills, and strategies do you expect students to gain? Are there connections to other curriculum areas and subject area benchmarks?

Overview | a short summary of the lesson or unit including assignment or expected or possible products.

Essential Questions | What essential question or learning are you addressing? What questions can you ask students to help them focus on important aspects of the topic? What background or prior knowledge will you expect students to bring to this topic and build on? What digital age skills will students learn/demonstrate?

Preparation | What student needs, interests, and prior learning provide a foundation for this lesson? How can you find out if students have this foundation? What difficulties might students have? What technology do you have to set up ahead of time?

Instruction and Activities | What instructional strategies will you use with this lesson? How will the technology you selected support learning and teaching? What learning activities and tasks will your students complete? Will students be expected to collaborate with each other and others? How will you facilitate the collaboration?

Differentiation | How will you differentiate content and process to accommodate various learning styles, abilities and technical capacity? How will you provide extensions and opportunities for enrichment?

Management | How and where will your students work? Classroom, lab, groups, with the technology, etc?

Resources | How does technology support student learning? What digital tools, and resources—online student tools, research sites, student handouts, tools, *technology directions/tutorials, templates, assessment rubrics, etc—help explain the content or allow students to interact with the content? What previous technology skills should students have to complete this project? What are the URLs (on the web OR to the tools you create) associated with this lesson/unit?

Assessment | What will students do or create to illustrate their learning? How will you assess how students are progressing (formative assessment)? How will you assess what they create or do?

Closure and Reflection | Will there be a closing event/exit ticket? Will students be asked to reflect upon their work? Will it involve technology? What will be your process for answering the following questions?...
  • Did students find the lesson meaningful and worth completing?
  • In what ways was this lesson effective?
  • What went well and why?
  • Was the technology used the right fit?
  • What did not go well and why?
  • How would you teach this lesson differently?

II. Soup TO Nuts Technology Infused Lesson/Unit Guiding Template | 90 minutes

arrow.jpgThe tables below are to intended to guide your thinking and successful development of a technology-infused lesson/unit plan.

Please COPY and PASTE the tables below to a Google Doc (preferred) or a Word Doc.
OR download this Word documentoooooo

Teacher(s) Name

Grade Level(s)

Content Area (s)

Time line

Content Standards/Learning Objectives

Digital Age Skills (e.g. communication, collaboration, critical thinking/problem solving and/or creating)

Instructional Plan (please see guiding questions above to aid in completion of this table)
Lesson/Unit Element
URLs as applicable

Essential Questions


Instruction and Activities





Closure and Reflection

Additional Resources |

Developing Lessons With Technology

References |
These templates were adapted from the Lesson Plan Templates by ISTE.

Image Copyright|

http://openclipart.org/ - CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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