Deep Learning Lounge FAQs

WHAT is a Deep Learning Lounge?

These lounges serve as gathering place for rest/take a breath, finishing work from you previous session , and/ or face-to-face conversations with your colleagues or the DLC team. Make connections and expand your personal learning from today's sessions.

WHERE are the Deep Learning Lounges?

The lounges are in 113 & 117. Those rooms small "glass" rooms in the hallway of the FI, on the left, as you go to the restroom.

WHEN should I go to the Deep Learning Lounge?

  • ANYTIME I need to take a breath and/or REFLECT;

  • BETWEEN sessions (I can go late to my next session if I need);

  • Want to FINISH something I started in my last session;

  • I want to work through a session's material in a QUIET space.

WHO should go to the Deep Learning Lounge?

Anyone who needs time to REST, REFLECT or a QUIET space to deepen your learning.