The Information Age has swept in voluminous amounts of Internet based, multi-media resources that can be used for solving problems, communicating, and processing information in the K-12 classroom. Engaging and effective educators who use and/or teach with the digital content directly support their students mastery of Common Core standards.

In this session you will be exposed to a variety of digital content repositories that directly support learner outcomes. You will evaluate 2 selected digital resources that you will be able to use to enhance your teaching.

Learning Outcomes

After this session, Cardinal Gibbons staff will be able to:
  • leverage select digital content repositories that can be used in your learning and teaching practices;
  • better evaluate the alignment to CC and presence of Information and Technology Essential Standards in selected digital content resources.

I. Exploring Digital Media | 10 minutes

Cross Curricular Web Based Resources

Curriki- is a play on the words 'curriculum' and 'wiki', is a not-for-profit organization that is building the first and only Internet site for Open Source Curriculum (OSC), which provides universal access to free curricula and instructional materials grades K-12.

Smithsonian Channel - is a joint venture of the Smithsonian Institution and Showtime explores the history of our planet, life and culture.

Thinkfinity - offers comprehensive teaching and learning resources across ALL content areas. The resources are grade-specific and are aligned with and CC.

Gooru - This free resource library of standards-aligned collections helps educators access rich, multimedia open education resources for students from grade five through high school.Teachers and Students accounts.

Internet Archive - is a non-profit digital library with the stated mission of "universal access to all knowledge". It offers permanent storage and access to collections of digitized materials, including websites, music, moving images, and nearly 3 million public domain books

Humanities / Literacy Resources |

American Memory - from the Library of Congress, provides free media, content and "Today in History" links for all grade levels.

DocsTeach - thousands of historical documents from the National Archives. Plus, ready-to-use activities to pair with the documents. Search by historical era or make your own activity.

NYPL Digital Gallery - provides free and open access to over 800,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photos and more.
ReadWriteThink - provides educators with best practices and interactive resources for reading, literacy, research, inquiry and analysis, organizing and summarizing, etc. Organized by themes, grade level, and ability.

Zinn Education Project - offers free, downloadable U.S. History lessons and articles organized by theme, time period and reading level.

Sciences Tools and Resources |

EdHeads.org - is an online resource providing engaging web simulations and activities. Current activities focus on simulated surgical procedures, cell phone design (with market research), simple and compound machines, and weather prediction.

HippoCampus.org - includes free educational resources including video presentations and test prep for Math and Science high school curriculum.

MEDtropolis- features access to health calculators and the multimedia virtual body tour with drag-and-drop activities.

PhET - provides dozens of fantastic simulations for physics, chemistry and biology. The website also includes a collection of teacher contributed activities, lab experiences, homework assignments and conceptual questions that can be used with the simulations.
SciShow- is all about teaching scientific concepts in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner. This YouTube channel includes a variety of short (3 minute) and long (10 minute) videos. New videos are released weekly.

Math Tools and Resources |

Illuminations is the comprehensive source for instruction and learning materials based on The National Council of Teachers of MathematicsPrinciples and Standards for School Mathematics. This resource provides engaging, interesting and challenging interactive applets, standards-based lesson plans and other teacher resources.

Wolfram is an extensive mathematics dictionary resource.

PBS Learning Media contains video clips that can be used to share everyday mathematics examples.

II. Explore and Evaluate Digital Content | 45 minutes

Please select ONE resource from the Cross Curricular section and ONE resource from the content specific sections above that peak your interest and you want to explore more.
As you explore the resources please use the Google Form below to guide your exploration and evaluation of 2 different resources. If you would like to find a partner with similar interests and explore your selections together that would be great!

III. Reflection | 10 minutes

What resource did you find that you particularly liked? What resource will help you present content to your students? Share you ideas here.

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