During this session, you will share your experiences from the different sessions you attended today. This will include making a video on how concepts, tools, or resources utilized in the sessions may be used to potentially modify how you plan, create, and implement future professional development opportunities and/or classroom experiences that support student centered, technology-enabled learning.

Learning Outcomes

After this session, Cardinal Gibbons staff will be able to:
  • Articulate new learning related to essential ideas, concepts or attitudes necessary to support student-centered, technology-enabled learning;
  • Identify how what you have learned today will be incorporated into practice.

Reflect on Your New Learning | 10 minutes

In small groups, use the follow questions to guide your reflection:
  • How have the sessions contributed to a new paradigm for how learning and teaching occur in technology enabled learning environments?
  • What relevant knowledge, skills, tools, and resources will you take back to your school to assist with and support technology enabled learning?
  • How will you transfer learning from hands-on activities that blend skill-building and information-sharing to your own work?

Capture Your Learning | 25 minutes

Select a camera person and collaboratively create a ONE take, ONE minute video with a cell phone. Select someone who is handy with their cellphone and knows how to upload your video right to YouTube...otherwise see us for a FlipCam

Creatively capture one of the following:

  • One essential component necessary to support student-centered, technology-enabled learning;
  • One-two concrete ideas, learned today that will be incorporated into practice

In your downtime... select one of the three questions above and share your response on our TodaysMeet page.

Let's Share | 10 minutes

  1. Select someone at your table who has an iphone.
  2. Record your group video on this iphone.
  3. Email your video to this account: inonetake@gmail.com (If it doesn't work the first time, try again!)
  4. Break out the popcorn!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.22.42 AM.png