In this session, please SHARE, PLAY, and APPLY any ideas/resources shared with you thus far today to your current role and/or instructional charge (i.e. content area/department).

Learning Outcomes

After this session, Cardinal Gibbons staff will be able to:
  • PLAY further with ideas & tools new acquired from today's sessions;
  • Exchange basic concepts AHAa associated with Extending & Transforming (ET), 4Cs, Digital Content, Finalsite AND/OR other selected web 2.0 tools/resources;
  • Effectively apply new knowledge/digital tools to support student communication, engagement and/or learning to a department area content lesson/activity.

I. SHARE, PLAY & APPLY STUDIO | 90 minutes

With your department team, please work THROUGH the STEPS below:

STEP 1 | SHARE! with your department your specific TAKE-AWAYS or AHAs about opportunities for developing student critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and/or creativity from the breakout sessions (AM & PM) you attended.

Continue to Record your SHARE OUTS from your 4C breakouts in the documents below

Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Social Studies

Do a ORAL round robin...not everyone went to the same session...cross-pollinate/pool your NEW learning.

STEP 2 | PLAY! Sometimes you just need time to let information, skills and new tools sink in. So feel free to do just that...and we are here to help problem solve your ideas or specific tools. Also turn and ask your neighbor for help.

STEP 3 | APPLY! Within your department, CREATE a outline of an upcoming lesson plan and/or activity and HOW you/team will apply your new learning from today!

Record your lesson/activity outlines in the PLANNING SECTION in the documents ABOVE.

III. Small Group/Room Share Out | 10 minutes

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.22.42 AM.png