During this session, participants will discuss the role of the Tech Leadership Team in the broader learning environment and come to a consensus regarding a name for the Tech Leadership Team. Additionally, we will explore some resources regarding positive, effective coaching/mentoring.

Learning Outcomes

After this session, Cardinal Gibbons staff will be able to:
  • describe the role of the members of the Tech Leadership Team.
  • articulate their vision for coaching and begin to turn that vision into a plan of action
  • compare roles and expectations of the members of the Tech Leadership Team to the ISTE Coaching Standards and modify as needed.

I. Session Introduction | CGHS Administration | 15 minutes

Food for thought:
  • Coaching is a highly collaborative professional development experience that assists teachers in developing the skills they need to offer students technology rich, 21st-Century learning activities. Effective coaches have well developed skills in communication, lesson design, and technology integration.
  • Coaches, technology facilitators, technology integration specialists, media specialist and others, who guide teachers’ integration of technology that directly enhances and supports student learning, are instrumental in building a digital learning culture within their building, district and/or state. Coaches serve as a lifeline to teachers as they attempt to engage and develop their students’ digital age skills.

II. Collaborative Discussion | Participants & Facilitator | 35-45 minutes

During this portion of the session, DLC staff will facilitate a conversation about the role of members of the Tech Leadership Team.

Brainstorming Document

III. Comparative Exploration | Participants & Facilitator | 15-25 minutes

To bring our discussion to a close, we will compare the ideas and expectations of the members of the Tech Leadership Team to the ISTE Standards for Coaches.


IV. Reflection | Participants | 15 minutes

Please use this Padlet space to respond to the following questions:


1. How, if at all, did your understanding of the Tech Leadership Team's role change as a result of today's session?

2. What types of things are the responsibility of members of the Tech Leadership Team? What types of things are NOT the responsibility of the members of the Tech Leadership Team?

3. Are there any lingering questions/issues you'd like for leadership to consider and get back with you about?

Additional Resources

It's About the Questions || Ronald Bearwald believes that successful coaching relies on good questioning and listening.

What Good Coaches Do || Jim Knight reminds us that effective coaches work on an equal footing with their colleagues.

ISTE Standards for Coaches || The ISTE Standards (formerly the NETS) for Coaches (ISTE Standards•C) are the standards for identifying and assessing the skills set and professional knowledge that education coaches need in order to support teachers’ practice in an increasingly digital world.

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